Surviving isolation

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Londoners have survived wars, plagues, fires and terrorism. We are resilient and pride ourselves on coming together in times of need, and this current period of uncertainty is no different. Although the city – and country – may be closed, individuals and companies that can do their bit continue to help those in need. The… Read more »

The hidden delights of Opium

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Chinatown has many alluring bars and restaurants, but look a bit harder and you will find Opium, Asia’s hidden gem in the heart of London. Behind an unassuming door lies a den of opulence. There are three different bars, each focusing on intricate Asian flavours and specialities. The Apothecary bar has a Feng Shui-themed menu… Read more »

Fast veganuary

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Another year, another resolution. What started as a bid to get people to eat a bit less meat has turned into an annual institution. Veganuary has grown arms and legs in the last couple of years, with more high street food chains than ever now involved in bringing out vegan versions of classics. The turning… Read more »

Helsinki, a city guide

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The magic of the festive period comes early in Helsinki, Finland, with lights twinkling across the city as the sun sets in the milky sky. The city is quiet in winter months, which is a lovely break from the frenzied London streets, and makes any traveller feel special in this beautiful city. Giant ice-breaker ships… Read more »

Saving the world, one straw at a time

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Climate change – the subject on everyone’s lips that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Living in London, its quite hard to miss the protests and pleas happening every day, making the impact we have on the environment ever present in our thoughts. With one in 10 jobs worldwide supported by travel, tourism and… Read more »

A guide to Vancouver

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Stereotypes aren’t always something to aspire to, but in Canada’s case they are a compliment. Vancouver, on the country’s west coast, is a beautiful leafy city with much to offer. A big city that feels like a small town. The wide streets stretch for miles, but each neighbourhood has its own personality. Staying in the… Read more »

LCC’s Oscar-worthy latest addition

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London Cocktail Club started with a dream and a small loan from a supportive mum. It’s hard to believe the company has only been around for 10 years, since its such a staple of London life. With 11 sites, it is clear to see how much of a hit the idea was. Because let’s be… Read more »

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai heaven

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The Mai Tai — a classic but somewhat underappreciated cocktail that is always on our radar, although not necessarily our first choice. A trip to the home of the rum cocktail — Trader Vic’s on Park lane — will change your opinion of the humble Mai Tai forever. In a special night celebrating the 75th… Read more »

Ugly Dumpling swans into Soho

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The fusion food to beat all fusions. Ugly Dumpling pairs Asian home recipes with western flavours and ingredients to redefine the concept of the dumpling. With a restaurant in Soho, a unit in Boxpark in Wembley, and delivery available, the brand is branching out. And we could not be happier about it. The menu is… Read more »

Empire state of mind

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New York, the city that never sleeps. Much like London, you could visit New York City every year — or even live there — and still not uncover all it has to offer. We loved it so much last year that we decided to go back and explore some more. The Manhattan skyline is so… Read more »