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LCC’s Oscar-worthy latest addition

London Cocktail Club started with a dream and a small loan from a supportive mum. It’s hard to believe the company has only been around for 10 years, since its such a staple of London life.

With 11 sites, it is clear to see how much of a hit the idea was. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cocktail?

We at Love Hospitality are avid followers of the company, so when we heard a new bar was opening, we couldn’t wait to get down there and check out the newest theme. With such strong designs at every other LCC, we didn’t know which direction the new venue would take. But this might just be our favourite yet. Nowhere else could you pass a golden globe at the front door, descend the walk of fame and arrive in the diner from Pulp Fiction, only to then seamlessly step into a spaceship from Star Wars.

The dark wood, red velvet chairs and vintage booths make LCC feel like a Hollywood bar circa 1950. And if that wasn’t enough, round the corner and go beyond the bar to Jack’s cabin from Titanic. But with more neon and less icebergs.

Most bars don’t concentrate too much on the loos, but at LCC Clapham, the entrance to the toilets is incredible. A chain curtain through to cages full of vintage blue movie on VHS, all seedily bathed in red neon.

With décor so eye catching and booths so inviting, we almost forgot about the bar’s whole raison d’etre… the cocktails. But one look at the staff tells you this is another classic LCC. Tenders are shaking up and down the bar, dancing and swinging the trademark lights as they go.

Sit in the Millennium Falcon sipping on a Darth Jager —Briottet crème de apricot liqueur with egg white and lime. Or admire the film artwork around the bar while you have a Burt Reynolds — Jack Daniels No7, absinthe, Hennessy, maple syrup and bitters — a Hollywood take on the Sazerac.

LCC also offers amazing packages for parties, be it birthday, hen, stag or corporate. The birthday package includes two sharing Zombie cocktails, a bottle of prosecco and six Crack Baby shots, with some party poppers and sparklers thrown in.

LCC Clapham is a perfect new addition. It has all the positives of the company as a whole, while bringing its own charm and magic to Clapham. And even as the firm grows, it manages to retain its heart and soul, which isn’t always an easy task. Get down there and re-enact your favourite movie scene ASAP.