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The Skill of Bartending

The Skill of Bartending

Choosing a career in hospitality, and bartending in particular, has grown in popularity and necessity over the last 15 years. For those who consider bartending a slow or easy profession, think again. Good timing, precision and eye (or taste) for detail are vital for those who wish to do well.

Practice makes perfect

Training is a huge part of any job, but in the fast-paced world of hospitality, the correct training is essential for the smooth running of any business. In the bar industry, being able to pour the perfect pint or knock out a cocktail in record time will help get you to the top of the bar game, but is also a necessary skill on a Friday night when hundreds of thirsty people want to kick off their weekend. Obviously training varies greatly depending on the establishment or company, but the core remains the same – work to be the best you can at what you do.

Know your products to make tailored recommendations

Long gone are the days of barmaids and rotund pub landlords. These days mixology comes in a diploma and has a skill-set many covet. When working in a bar, knowing the product you are selling is crucial. From wine to craft beer to cocktails, every customer expects a tailored recommendation. Tastings are the perfect opportunity for every member of a team to come together and learn as one, while also discovering different tastes and preferences each person has. Most companies that supply bars with alcohol provide samples and tasters which make training nights easy and free to do. Some suppliers even run nights themselves to describe exactly how they want the product to be presented and sold to the customer. Not only will these events provide each staff member with more knowledge and skill, they also help teams to bond and become closer, which makes for a better well oiled machine when on a busy bar.

Learn mixology from scratch

With almost every bar serving cocktails nowadays, mixology training is also essential for any bartender who wants to succeed in the industry. Like in any job, prior knowledge is helpful but many bars also love having a clean slate to work with. So if you lack experience but learn quickly, being moulded into the perfect mixologist is a very achievable task.

The sky is the limit

These skills will last for a lifetime and can also lead to other vocations like flair or cocktail competitions which take place all over the world, with the winners becoming world famous bartenders and the best of their trade. So when thinking about a career in bartending, the sky really is the limit, just remember how important good training is, and how much it will kickstart you career to take you where you want to be.