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Stay healthy and happy in hospitality

Staying fit and healthy can be a hard task for anyone, especially in an industry that is dictated by long hours and shift work. So how do hospitality workers find a balance between work, play and staying fit?
Hospitality is all about customer service, so often the wellbeing of staff can come second place. But looking after ourselves is the best way to ensure we do our best at work. Here at Love hospitality, we have launched a partnership with Psychic Ninja, which caters to all your wellness needs and works around a changing rota. We want to help alter the approach to what healthy actually means and staying “well” in this industry, so Psychic Ninja creates a tailored programme that you can easily fit into your schedule, as well as being on hand at any time.
With the rise in popularity of veganism and a huge variety of fitness classes, the opportunity to be healthy is bigger than ever. And the good thing about working in an industry where shifts usually fall outside the 9-5 window, is that many classes or gyms will be quieter at the times you are available.
Spinning has taken over the city in recent years, and has amassed a cult following. Spin specialists Boom Cycle offers a ‘party on a bike’, saying it puts the fun into getting your sweat on. Boom Cycle keeps the lights low and cranks the music up, giving participants a fully immersive workout experience. This could be the perfect answer if you’ve just finished a busy shift and have energy to burn. 
Alternatively, winding down after work is also easy to do with the huge variety of yoga classes available in London. Sky Garden offers a rooftop early morning experience from 6:30-7:30 most mornings, so you can forget about that all night shift while watching the sun rise over the city. Yotopia in Covent Garden is (literally) turning up the heat with a range of classes focused on hot vinsaya flow, where each movement runs in to the next. They even offer hot ballet and acroyoga, which combines yoga, acrobatics and healing arts.
And if yoga isn’t for you, Pure Gym has 48 locations around London, and can be as cheap at £15.99 a month in certain locations. Better Leisure also has a huge number of sports centres, with 141 pools across the city.
Eating at work can also be hard, especially if you work in a restaurant where delicious and often quick food is always available. But understanding and preparing food doesn’t have to be a chore. Our Ninjas can help with meal ideas and advise you on what kinds of food may work depending on the time of day. They can also tailor your plan work around your schedule, be it a five minute snack or a 30 minute break.
Armed with the right knowledge, you can stay “fit and healthy” while doing the job you love. So talk to our Ninjas today to get started and get your wellness journey underway.