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Hello Byron!

Some of you may know Byron as the trendy alternative to that of its high street competition GBK or Five Guys, from its conception in 2007 it has gone from strength to strength. Byron stands out as each site is unique in terms of décor, they all have a very rustic warehouse feeling yet still manage to be comfortable and maintain a diner-style aesthetic without being too cheesy.

Despite the birth of more quirky pop up burger shops such as Honest Burgers which saw the brains of Cote’s unique take on hospitality, Harold Samuelsson, cross over to help lead them, Byron continues to grow.
With over 38 individual restaurants and counting within London you won’t have to travel far to find one, the plan is to open a further 14 sites this year and another 14 in 2017. Outside of London they are mainly located up North with the odd few on the South Coast so if you do have to travel, all I can say is it is worth the ride to get a good quality, reliable burger.

They have a van that pops up at food festivals and events throughout the year and is available for hire and if you weren’t already sold there’s also an exclusive Byron Burgers Members Club. If you’re as obsessed with burgers as I am this is the club for you, they invite you to new opens and previews to upcoming specials, I’d get on that list if I were you!

Byron’s slogan is “proper hamburgers” and I can’t fault them on that, all of their burgers are sourced from their own farms and made in their own development kitchen. You will get the same quality of beef regardless of which restaurant you pop into and the combination of flavours they come up with are ingenious.
The other thing to note is that all their burgers are served medium and in a soft brioche/cholla style bun, which to me is perfection, but if you prefer your burger slightly more well done it’s not a crime, just let them know!

They have seasonal burgers that appear for a few weeks as a time, the next up is the “Bryonaldo” a combo of crispy bacon, Bovril Onions, Freddar Cheese (a combo of cheddar, grana padano and red leicester) and bread and butter pickles. Pretty much your ultimate cheese and bacon burger, this particular burger has been devised by their resident head chef, Fred Smith, based around his love of football.
They also have a limited edition drinks and sides, this months are the Salted Caramel shake and cheese & bacon topped fries that are to die for! Basically all of the guilty indulgences humanly possible in one meal, we all have that one cheat day, right?!

Why are you still reading this? Get out there and visit your nearest Byron ASAP!
Happy eating!