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Cocktails in the City

Cocktails in the City - Love Hospitality Recruitment Review

London loves a cocktail, this is no secret. So what better way to sample the best the city has to offer than to get all the finest bars together in one place to celebrate every kind of cocktail imaginable?

Cocktails in the City is an event held all over the UK to bring customers a taster of what each city has to offer. The stunning One Marylebone hosted 28 bars in pop-up form for the three-day event.

In celebration of their fifth anniversary, Cocktails in the City put on an amazing festival with the leading bars in London, along with tasting tables, international bars, a zen garden and delicious street food.

Taking old whisky cocktails to new levels

Every pop up bar had something different to offer, but Original Sin based in Stoke Newington stood out, not only for their cocktails but for their amazing customer service. The Blackbird cocktail was delicious, with bartender Rebecca describing it as the daytime version of the Manhattan. Combining rose liquor with Monkey Shoulder, it is not what comes to mind when you think of a whisky cocktail but is a refreshing take on a stirred down whisky drink. Original Sin want to take old whisky cocktails to new levels, and this was certainly apparent from what was on offer.

Cocktails in the City Love Hospitality Recruitment Review

The best cocktail we’ve ever tasted?

The star of the night had to be Battersea’s Three Six Six, who had the most impressive visual presentation, along with one of the best cocktails we have ever tasted here at Love Hospitality. It consisted of Carrot & Cilantro infused Brockman’s Gin, Blueberry Lejay Chocolate Liqueur, Mixed Citrus, Bayleaf & Vanilla Honey, Balsamic Vinegar Pearls, Viagra Bitters. Their impressive gin waterfall centrepiece and ivy covered walls gave the desired effect of being in a magical forest. Each customer was given a glass to dip into the waterfall and then asked to choose which garnish they would prefer to eat, which made for an overall magical experience.


One Marylebone was the perfect venue, with two floors of cocktails on offer, as well as the zen garden outside, which had a relaxed atmosphere with more pop ups and street food on offer. All the bartenders at the event were clearly passionate about what they were doing and the cocktails they had designed. Each bartender took the time to explain why they had chosen each ingredient and what they wanted every cocktail to say.

With cocktails playing such an important role in the modern drinking scene, having people so passionate about the trade and wanting to give the first class service and product they can is fantastic to see. Cocktails in the City offers an interactive insight into the minds of London’s greatest mixologists and brings the customer closer to what they are drinking.

Cocktails in the City summer edition takes place on July 28th -29th in Bedford Square Gardens. We would suggest getting your ticket early so you don’t miss out.

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