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The London Sessions

The first London Session will be held in summer, and our speakers are joining us from New York for the occasion. For more updates, read below and like the page.

The London Sessions are about returning the importance of ‘people’ to hospitality. We want to talk, encourage discussion and set the precedent for a different kind of education – The kind that can shape peoples minds, careers and ultimately – their lives.

We’ve brought together some of our favourite storytellers, who just so happen to be some of the greatest industry professionals in the world, to find out what shaped them; stories of decadence, debauchery, affluence, hitting rock bottom, war, royalty and ‘Devil’ the chain smoking monkey.

The London Sessions will be held once a month with a different presenter, or paired presenters, each time. The sessions are recorded in front of a live studio audience (which you can be part of), and will later be made available on iTunes, and via Imbibe for those of you who favour the written word.

The London Sessions are being organised by Rebekkah Dooley with the help of Gareth Evans, Simon Thompson & Tomas Estes.

The idea came to fruition with a conversation between Rebekkah and Tomas over fajitas, beer (Rebekkah’s) and Tequila (Tom’s) at Cafe Pacifico. Fast forward a few days, and The London Sessions were born. Within 1 day, Gareth & Simon had come on board, and within 7 days, 9 speakers had said ‘yes’ to taking part – no one said no.

No one makes any money from The London Sessions, we’re just doing it because we think it’s cool.

We are especially thankful to the highly talented and very much in-demand individuals who are giving us their valuable time and even more valuable knowledge for free, for the benefit of the industry we are lucky enough to call our own.