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Hemsley + Hemsley make gluten free easy

Hidden amongst the swimwear on Selfridges third floor is Hemsley + Hemsley. An unusual place for an innovative gluten free eatery, but the exquisite food and drinks on offer soon make you forget about the surroundings.

Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley started as home cooks with a passion for food and healthy lifestyle. They founded Hemsley + Hemsley in 2010 as a bespoke service to help people with their digestion and relationship with food, and educating about stomach health.

Their idea was to create food that was natural, satisfying and easy to digest that makes you feel strong and healthy. They wanted to move away from repetitive meals and bring people food that is gluten, grain and refined sugar free. The sisters offer alternatives to daily staples but still include healthy fats and delicious ingredients from fresh sources.

After the company was founded it went from strength to strength, with three international bestselling cook books and catering services for brands as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel and Luis Vuitton.

The sisters opened a café in Selfridges in 2016 and it has been a huge success. On first sight, it fits in to the store well. Minimalist tiled walls and floors are complimented by trailing foliage on the walls of the bright, open space. The staff are incredible and obviously feel passionate about the brand. Our waiter Rob gave us the best service (and chat) that we’ve had in ages.

Gluten free made easy

The menu is a thing of beauty. If being gluten free has ever seemed difficult, Hemsley + Hemsley will soon change your mind. There is a great selection of delicious food, as well as cocktails and healthy juices, smoothies and hot drinks.

One of the detoxing lattes is a must. You can choose from matcha, turmeric sunshine, beetroot love or activated charcoal. Or if you fancy a cold drink, try the hardcore juice, which consists of fennel, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, parsley and mint.

The three cocktails on offer are a classic mimosa with a twist of clementine, a blueberry, lime and lavender cocktail, a berry blast and a kombucha (naturally fermented chilled green tea) fizz.

The food is fresh and tasty and leaves you feeling great. We love the puy lentil and beetroot salad with mustard maple vinaigrette, the baba ganoush and the muhammara that both come with crudites and crackers. They also do fermented foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut to get the digestion going. Prices are also very reasonable for the size of the plates.

We couldn’t leave without trying some of the desserts too. Our favourite was the orange blossom chestnut crepe with orange blossom infused coconut yoghurt, raw honey and caramelised orange.

Jasmine and Melissa have cornered a niche market and made gluten free, healthy food not only tasty, but preferential to any unhealthy option. Hemsley + Hemsley is definitely worth a trip, especially if you’ve had a hard day of shopping. We think you will leave inspired, just like we did!