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Get ready for The Hoxton’s world domination

Shoreditch has long been the jewel of London’s East End for a host of reasons. Markets, fashion, hipsters, bars, restaurants and more recently, hotels. New bars and year round pop ups appear frequently but one of Shoreditch’s staple places to be is The Hoxton Hotel and grill. Owned by Sharan Pasricha and his growing empire Ennismore, they teamed up with the Soho House family in 2006 when it opened it’s doors to the world. The Hoxton has since gone from strength to strength, expanding to a second hotel in Holborn in 2014 and branching out worldwide with a hotel in Amsterdam in 2015 and others in Paris, Southwark, Chicago and Williamsburg coming soon.

Re-writing the hotel game

The company has rewritten the hotel game. Not only has The Hoxton created stylish, comfortable rooms for guests, they want to give a whole city experience with their delicious food and drink, giving guests a real feel for the area. The spacious bar with its comfy green velvet couches is incredibly welcoming. Not only is it the trendiest hotel bar going, it’s a local favourite too and is always bustling with people.

Past the bar you’ll find the grill. And if you think you’re not hungry when you walk in, you’ll soon discover you are in fact wrong. The whole place smells amazing and sneaking a look (or just hungrily staring in our case) at food on other diner’s plates will have you reaching for a menu. From the grill comes a choice of Butler’s steak, Hanger steak, NY strip and king prawns to name but a few. And if steak isn’t your thing, try the Portobello mushroom and halloumi burger with fries or the butternut squash, wild rice and harissa yoghurt. Pair with a Smash Royal cocktail of Hendricks, lemon, basil syrup and champagne and you’re onto a winner.

Spoilt for choice

Being a hotel, breakfast and brunch are also on offer and you’d be out of your mind to miss them. From crisp polenta and mushrooms with fried eggs to the classic eggs benedict, royale or Florentine, every choice is a winner. And the brunch menu is a fusion of breakfast and grill with the added benefit of cocktails before 12.

When ambling about Shoreditch, be sure to make a beeline to The Hoxton on Great Eastern Street. Or check out their other venues in Holborn or further afield in Europe or even America for a home from home.

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