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Kalifornia Kitchen lights up the vegan movement

London, like the rest of the country, has seen a huge rise in veganism in the last few years. But finding fully vegan restaurants is still quite a difficult task, even in this diverse city.

Kalifornia Kitchen is the new animal produce-free hotspot, with a fully plant-based menu that leaves you feeling healthy and happy.

There’s no missing Kalifornia Kitchen’s bright pink shopfront on the corner of Percy Street in Fitzrovia. And if the outside is aesthetically pleasing, the interior is an Instagram dream. Pink neon signs, a wall of flowers and a winding fuchsia staircase contrast with the whitewash walls, making this one of the most photographable places we’ve ever been. The concept is to help people look and feel beautiful by serving energising and loving food.

The staff are friendly and ready to explain anything on the menu or about the company in general. The B12 burger is of much interest to most customers, as it is designed to look and (kind of) taste like meat, but is 100% plant-based.

The menu is split between breakfast food and bigger plates, although the breakfast menu is available all day, which is great for those craving pancakes for dinner.

Everything in here is beautiful, from the presentation of the food to the powder pink teapots.

The smoothies are a must, with five to choose from and each one as delicious as the next. The Squirter is the perfect refresher for a summer’s day (or a hangover). It consists of banana, mango, basil, orange, water, ginger and lime. Or try the Protein Pinkie, which is quinoa, strawberry, coconut milk, maple syrup, basil, orange and lukuma for a quick breakfast on the go.

For a more leisurely breakfast, the buckwheat and banana pancakes are our favourite thing. They come with coconut yoghurt, caramelised banana and almond brittle and are decorated with edible flowers.

The breakfast burrito wrap of scrambled tofu, pickled cabbage, aioli, kale and crispy onions is a delicious healthy alternative to a regular burrito. The side of kale chips, which are tossed with scrambled tofu, are amazing and go so well with the burrito or the scrambled tofu on toast — a great alternative to eggs. The Kalifornia guac burger, which includes the B12 patty, is served on a pretzel bun with guac, crispy lettuce and lemon mayo with a side of paprika and thyme fries. The burger looks like meat, but tastes great — this is definitely worth a try and you never know, you might even convert a meat eater.

We love the desserts and would suggest getting all three (and sharing, of course…maybe). The matcha cheesecake with raspberry chia jam, almonds and miso and agave syrup is a deliciously light treat, while the pecan pie and ice cream is perfectly sweet and nutty. A sticky toffee pudding is the go-to dessert for many people, and this one is no different. It is also served with vegan ice cream and is deliciously rich but not too heavy.

Kalifornia Kitchen is the perfect place to spend a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon without feeling too guilty about what you’re eating or drinking.  The food is all so fresh and really does leave you feeling good, which is not always the case after a big meal including desserts. Is veganism the way forward? Get down there and see for yourself what all the hype is about.