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London’s Best Rooftop Bars

At the end of a long day’s work in the heat of the London sun, the call of a bar is as alluring as a siren to a sailor. And as summer arrived in London, the city’s rooftops came alive. Here at Love Hospitality, we have found the best rooftop bars in London so you can have the best summer possible.

The Culpeper shot by Daniel Morgan


1.The Culpeper in Whitechapel is a multi-storey bar with a hidden gem at its peak. It’s winding stairs open out to a small but perfectly formed rooftop terrace and greenhouse with a wood fired grill for perfect summer food. Not only does the rooftop offer a rustic East end experience with delicious cocktails, you will be surrounded by the produce the Culpeper grows and uses. With the bonus of an inside seating option under the glass, the Culpeper is also well equipped for the British summer!

2.Toy Roof on top of Soho’s Courthouse Hotel is the perfect place to chill out after work or to enjoy a barbeque at the weekend. The relaxed bar will transport you to a beach side resort with it’s cage style booths and colourful décor. Complete with a glass bar filled with teddy bears, Toy Roof really brings summer to the city. Enjoy their delicious cocktails while you soak up the sun and enjoy a panoramic view of London’s most famous area. Be sure to try the watermelon martini, it’s our favourite!

3.Netil 360, close to London Fields is an East end treat. The hipster rooftop retreat has a relaxed open air feel. It is easy to spend the whole day here, with live DJ sets and a roofed area when the London sun gets too much. Netil 360 has such a friendly feeling, with everyone welcome. There is ever a rooftop dog called Tres! And don’t worry if you can’t find a table, sitting on the floor is perfectly acceptable. Share a classic jug of Pimms and relax the summer away in this amazing space.

4.Pergola on the Roof may be one of London’s most talked about summer bars, and with good reason. On top of a car park in White City, the picturesque rooftop haven sits under a canopy of flowers. The beautiful space invites groups of people to spend the summer sipping cocktails and sampling food from the self service restaurants on offer. From seafood platters, crab and fresh fish to burgers, to tacos and sizzling bbq’s, Pergola has something for everyone. And with the Instagram ready setting, you won’t want to leave!

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