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Hard work pays off

Work hard, play hard. A phrase especially true for the hospitality industry. One of the perks of working in this sector is being able to enjoy the benefits of discounts, special training and industry events.
Glenfiddich whisky has taken this a step further and put on a free festival for people working in the industry. The company hosted its second “festival experiment” this year after the first one was such a huge success in 2017. The idea started as a thank you to 350 members of the Scottish bar trade, but was opened up to a further 500 people from the hospitality sector this year.
The event took place in the stunning Scottish Highlands in a field opposite the Glenfiddich distillery and had an impressive line-up, with the likes of Razorlight, Twin Atlantic and Example, as well as a host of Scottish artists.
With free busses running from all major Scottish cities, Glenfiddich made getting up to the festival so easy. On arrival, our ticket was simply scanned and we were in, along with a tote bag full of amazing Scottish goodies, such as Irn Bru, Tunnocks tea cakes, a Glenfiddich camping mug, and a poncho — for when the inevitable happens.
The campsite was set up beside the main festival, so finding your tent again after a day of dancing and whisky cocktails wasn’t a problem. The main stage was in a tent and a smaller tepee hosted the whisky lounge — an area to relax and try a few of Glenfiddich’s new releases.
The whole setup was, in fact, perfect. The main stage faced the rest of the site, with bars and food trucks dotted around the edge. A forest tent was set up in the nearby trees for some late-night music and dancing. There was even a glitter tent and a massage station (these attractions had the longest queues, naturally). The food trucks had a great range to choose from — veggie haggis bao and gyoza to venison to peanut butter crunch pheasant burgers — everything was delicious. And going thirsty was never a worry. With two whisky bars, a beer stall and a rum van, everyone’s tastes were catered for. There was even a coconut water whisky cocktail for the more health conscious.
And staying with the theme of health, early morning yoga was on offer for those that hadn’t overindulged the night before (although the ones who had may have been in need of it!). The crisp Scottish air and breath-taking views made it the most peaceful yoga session we’ve ever had. The rain even managed to stay off, which could be considered a miracle.
Festivals evoke a community spirit in general, but this intimate gathering had us talking to everyone. And the Glenfiddich representatives running the event were right in the thick of it all. Whether they were getting people dancing to bands or giving information about the company, they were totally hands on.
This is an incredible idea that was expertly executed. We can safely say that we have never been to a festival quite like it, and that we certainly hope to be back. Events like this show that while sometimes hospitality can be a tough industry to work in, especially in a city like London, the hard work really does pay off when you find yourself on a hillside in the Highlands listening to live music with a whisky in your hand.