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Supper with Marina is all we want

It is no secret that we love London here at Love Hospitality, but sometimes we like to branch out and try different cities. Ever the optimists, we hoped that taking a trip to Brighton might bring some good weather to this dreary February — along with some delicious new food.

Supperwith is Marina Chisholm’s baby. Her idea was to start a series of collaborative supper clubs to introduce something fresh and new to Brighton’s dining scene. Working with local chefs, pop-ups and suppliers, Supper with plans to showcase one off events in interesting and often unexpected places.

The bright and bubbly Marina got started her adventure in Supper Clubs because “food excites me. And fine dining in a non-pretentious setting can appreciated by everyone,” she tells us. “In our most recent event, chef Aaron Dalton cooked a eight course meal for 38 people on 2 portable induction hobs and a portable oven.” Aaron spent years in London at some of the country’s best restaurants, including Michelin starred Chez Bruce and Fera, as well as the Smoking Goat in Soho.

She has been in the industry for a few years now, working for major pub chain Indigo and running the 7 Stars for two years. These experiences gave Marina great connections, but she has always been interested in events and wanted to do something different.

Ultimate dinner party

And Supperwith is definitely an original idea. The team transform areas into restaurants for the ultimate dinner party. The next event is taking place in Brighton’s co-working space Platf9rm and will consist of six completely vegan courses, cooked by Toby Cackett and Ryan Hunt, with a BYOB drink policy.

Toby and Ryan started their careers at zero waste fine-dining restaurant Silo before moving one of Brighton’s exciting new ventures 1909. Both have catered for many private parties, concentrating on produce and flavour.

Marina’s love of food and restaurants means she carefully selects the chefs for each event, having faith that they will put on the best evening imaginable.

One memorable visit was a recent event with Tom Griffith who started Flank in Brighton. Teaming up with Tom Brown (previous head chef of Nathan Outlaws’ London out-post they offered a fantastic 4 course menu and wine flight in East Londons, Shoreditch where she described the food as some of the yummiest food to have entered her mouth!

Brighton is all about fantastic food, and the increasingly popular pop-up is shaping the city’s food scene this summer. Marina also showed appreciation for Polygon creator Rick Humphris, who gave her advice when setting up Supperwith, and in doing so, achieving her dream.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Marina and Supper with but we are looking froward to seeing more and more ambitious and immersive Supper club concepts very soon. So get in on the action before it’s too late, because she is definitely one to watch.